DIY Save the Date with Calendar

I made this Save the Date card and got a few asking how to make it, and more importantly how to make the calendar.

I originally made it in Photoshop, but here's a tutorial to make it in Microsoft Word. It's not exactly the same, but close enough.

Final image will look something like this:

Document Setup

Select page set up.

Set up page as 5x7 with a horizontal layout.

Insert picture

Format Picture -> Text wrapping -> In Line with Text (***NOT square*** which was accidentally highlighted in picture)

Move picture where you want and resize.

Format document margins so that the text fits properly.

Move document margin tab over from 6...

... to 2 inches.

Type your text.

Format your font. I used ZnikomitNo25 which you can download at DaFont.

(optional) Expand the character spacing so that "save the date" fills the space better.

Change color

I had to play around with font sizes to get it *just so*. It may take you a few tries. Play around with it until you get something you like.


For the calendar, select Courier New or another monospace font. Monospace fonts have even spacing for each character, making it easier to space out the calendar dates. (Otherwise you'd have to fidget around with tabs and that just gets complicated.)

Type out the calendar

1. Start with a Left Align. (If you start out with center align, it will get confusing.)
2. Type out S M T W T F S. Use **2 spaces** between each single calendar day.
3. When you start filling out the calendar days with double digits, you will only use one space.
4. Reference a calendar and fill in the dates.

5. Center align the calendar, but you will notice the bottom row is not cooperating.
6. Space out and enter a period at the end of the row to fix the spacing issue.

7. Change the color of the period to white to hide it.

8. Highlight the text and change to light grey.
9. Then change your date color to black.

10. Go to Insert Basic Shapes and select the heart.
11. Draw your heart on your date and change to whatever color you prefer.

Right click on the heart and go to Arrange -> Behind Text (so it is behind your date number, not in front).

All done!